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buy Runescape gold The RuneScape of 2016 is quite a different game than it was when the MMORPG first released in 2001 but developer Jagex hasn’t abandoned players that prefer the classic game to its modern counterpart.

Jagex maintains support for three separate versions of RuneScape -classic old school and modern -each based on different iterations of the game throughout its history.

The way Jagex has worked alongside player feedback to keep RuneScape servers online throughout the years is somewhat different from other long-running online games and could provide useful lessons to developers curious about how to manage the longevity of their own online worlds.

In the Waypoint story design director Mark Ogilvie explained how paying close attention to the desires of RuneScape’s community has allowed the game to survive for 15 years.

In the case of Old School RuneScape developers take the wants and needs of its community into serious consideration whenever proposing new features. Read more

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Cheap Skyforge Online Gold I’ve been dabbling in Skyforge lately due to the overwhelming amount of changes we’ve seen made to the game in recent months. Curiosity got the best me and I’m glad I made the return. While the recent overhaul to the campaign and removal of the Atlas have made waves of positive and negative in the community the Skyforge I find today is a game that’s altogether more palatable and less confusing than before. Ergo it’s more fun to just jump in and play.

Don’t get me wrong it’s not perfect and I think and Obsidian shot themselves in a foot originally when they marketed it strictly as an MMORPG. Yes it is an MMO but for most MMORPG gamers looking for a big world that feels cohesive and whole Skyforge just doesn’t fit the bill. It’s too fragmented too instanced to be what most MMO gamers would consider a true MMORPG. Instead if you approach Skyforge as an Online Action RPG (think Path of Exile Marvel Heroes etc) it quickly fits into a niche more ably.

I’ve long argued that the term MMORPG is too broad and even “MMOG” is losing meaning. But Skyforge is an MMO and it is an RPG at heart. It’s Read more

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